Roasted Beet Orange and Pistachio Salad-An Overview


Roasted Beet Orange and Pistachio Salad are so good it must be featured in every Mexican dish they cook! What’s great about love about live in the Central Valley, it’s beautiful everywhere you go, I’m so lucky to live here in Fresno, CA. Now that I’ve been here a few years, I can tell you that there is such abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables out here all year round! And when I came home from a trip to the farm markets in our area, I knew I had to try this recipe. The first time I tried this salad, I was surprised by the thickness of the dressing. Since I normally like my salads thick, I switched it to a thin dressing, which gave it a nice thick texture. For more details get redirected here.

You’re going to need some yellow or red bell pepper, sliced Roma tomatoes, a sliced scallion, and olive oil. First get out your vegetables and place them in a zip bag. Now place your vegetables in your bowl, close your hands and place on a sheet pan on top of them. Lightly cover each one with olive oil and place into the pan. Now place your roasted peppers on top of the zippered side, next place the scallions on the bottom. Then make your pesto sauce and pour it over the top of your completed salad.

Total time: 20 minutes. So really, if you have roasted beets and wanted to have a nice thick Italian dressing salad, this would be the recipe for you. It has a very nice thick texture and flavor. If you feel like you could eat a bigger serving or would like to have more of this salad, then make sure to add a larger amount of dressing. It’s a total delicious dish.

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