Photonic Stimulator – Advanced Photonic Light Therapy


Sophisticated Photonic Light Therapy, utilizing electricity, is a technically advanced method of acupuncture. To activate recognized acupuncture points rather than needles. A 660 nm monochromatic red light, not laser is used, which offers a healthy, painless which effective self-treatment procedure that facilitates healing and effectively removes the need to tolerate pain. Our skin has bioelectric sensing systems and as our body’s largest organ, it has three main roles-defensive, tactile and thermoregulatory. Human beings are not unique in possessing bioelectric ability, because this often occurs in birds, reptiles, and mammals’ skins or outer coverings. Have a look at this site.

We can adjust his electrical capacity by touching our bodies. When skin tissue is compressed a well is formed that is charged negatively at the base and charged positively at the top edges. This is attributable to collagen, a subcutaneous connective tissue that has piezoelectric (responds to pressure change) and pyroelectric function (responds to temperature changes).

Collagen measures the distinction between the positive and negative charged areas of the skin and this allows the body to know, by the brain’s nerves, whether or not the contact was a sensitive point (a finger), a hard point, a mild or extreme penetration into the skin, or fire.

The electrical activity of the skin of a human or animal may be used for curing aids. An Advanced Photonic Therapy Light will activate the skin at approved acupuncture sites, rather than needles.

Light Dealing with Skin Western medicine has long recognized the efficacy of testing devices for electromagnetics. It is generally and easily known that an electric field is caused by the application of a magnetic field on clothing. Applying illumination to the tissue specifically and safely generates an electric current. Collagen, within the skin, transforms light energy into a charge sensed by the nervous system. This is the pyroelectric effect of collagen which facilitates the action of red light, just as it facilitates the action of cold packs, hot packs and warming gels.

The light penetrates the tissue in proportion to its wavelength and intensity. As red light is positioned at an acupuncture stage, it specifically stimulates the AMP process (the cellular energy process). The activated white blood cells release the hormone serotonin, not histamine, improving circulation around the bite, decreasing discomfort and modifying tissue acidity. The wound recovers and scarring is reduced afterwards by applying a red light on the region and making it harmful in comparison to the underlying tissue. Pain may be linked to differential acidity or positively charged regions all tissue is negatively charged under stress and positively charged under strain, Sophisticated Photonic Light Therapy operates by modifying the possible patterns of the electrical field in the skin and therefore also the role of the Thalalmus and Hypothalum in the brain control centers.

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