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Medicaid benefits started in July 1965 under the Social Security Act, in Title XIX. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Facilities, a.k.a. CMS, manages the systems and sets the state regulated system specifications, procurement, efficiency, access criteria and service delivery. It is the responsibility of each State to administer its own program. The 1990 Omnibus Reconciliation Act established the Medicaid Prescription Reimbursement Plan, which introduced a provision of the 1935 Social Security Act because of the expense Medicaid pays out at subsidized rates for outpatient medications. The 1993 Omnibus Reconciliation Act introduced more changes to the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program.
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Any states have developed their own unique Medicaid policy names, for instance Massachusetts calls its MassHealth system, California calls its Medi-Cal system, Oregon Health Coverage is the word Medicaid Policy in Oregon. Few may often package Medicaid with other related services such as SCHIP (State Children’s Health Care Program), or systems offering benefits to juveniles and indigents. States participate voluntarily in Medicaid, yet not all states participate since Arizona established the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System in 1982. Although all states have one or another form of Medicaid insurance, the programs aren’t always the same. Some jurisdictions delegate to private and other health care providers that reimburse the physicians, hospitals , and clinics.

Medicaid managed care includes programs in which states use (private) companies to take care of different sections of their Medicaid Insurance benefits. Private health providers are allowed direct communication with a Medicaid agency at a set fee per person in certain forms of services. They are liable for ensuring that the Medicaid services are given to the qualified recipients as the programs pick up qualifying people to attach them to the System.

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