Executive Search Firms & Their Search Process


Research companies provide the industry with a competitive review, comparable to corporate surveillance except with a emphasis on individual resources and functional positions. Yeah because it’s absolutely legitimate-just say that like you were the VP of a private equity company because you needed to learn how a high-ranking rival structured their staff, how they had hired, in what capacities, how they worked, so you should speak to a research firm. You may want to check out official site for more. Talent mapping at it’s finest will allow an company to mimic the performance of a rival and avoid expensive mistakes-useful insight particularly whether it’s a new enterprise or an unknown environment for the customer in question.

Analysis companies work independently from an executive management company or a generalist recruiter in that the recruiting phase is not handled. There’s a lot of casual referring so they might analytically dissect the best performers on the sector, speak to the major actors so determine who will be responsive to an approach because, unlike Executive Search, they won’t take your hand when you’re developing your initial approach.

Think of them as a consultant and you are not going to go far wrong.

They show you a image of the marketplace made up by meticulous work that takes place over a much longer period of time , typically a minimum of three months. Many executive recruitment companies obviously have their own in-house investigators. The business is essentially won by the executive search consultant or firm that has maintained the relationship-often juggling many similar relationships with clients in the same sector. The search itself then farmed out for the function of the resource. The function of the research would then carry out the actual search, take the role to market and identify suitable candidates for the client.

Some researchers may have the necessary skills to work directly with a corporate client, but can they compete with an established executive recruitment firm’s all-round service and extensive networks? The research function has long existed to support the workload of the executive search firms. Traditionally, it was the researcher ‘s job to identify potential candidates who not only seek a new position, but also match the profile of a client.

Research industry has steadily grown, and firms operating independently of recruitment consultancies have seen significant growth , particularly in times of economic crisis. Natalie Jacobs, Commercial Director at the research firm Seren PSG explains: “Research thrives in a poor economic climate, as HR strives to obtain VFM while attaining operational goals. Research companies increased their market share during the last recession. As businesses struggle to survive, it is more important than ever to recruit and retain more of the right talent, so the intelligence that the researchers are looking for.

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